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Sacraments, Prayer & Worship

Responding to their baptismal call, parents are called upon to be primary teachers of the faith to their children.  They have the principal duty and responsibility of bringing up their children in the Catholic faith.  Emphasize the role of parents in their children’s formation and growth in the faith by instilling in them that faith formation is a family affair.

Encourage a stronger connection between faith and prayer by providing opportunities to teach the fundamentals of prayer and offer a variety of prayer experiences across the diocese that awaken the full potential of a Christian prayer life.

In light of their baptismal calling, encourage youth and adults toward full, conscious, and active participation in the Mass.

Realizing Pope Francis’ expression to, “meet people wherever they are,” extend a heartfelt welcome to divorced Catholics in order to embrace and support them, reminding them and ourselves that they are still a meaningful part of their faith community.

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